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Metin 2

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Metin 2 servers

Best Metin2 servers, choose your favorite from our free to play top 100 MT2 private server list.

Top 100 Metin 2 Private Server

New Metin3! High rates! 250% Exp, 250% Drop. New Classes!! (Elite Ninja, Elite Shaman, Elite Sura, Elite Warrior). New races: Warriors: Immortal, Sura: Devil, Shaman: God, Ninja: Killer. All characters 7 SKILLS! New Maps! Pets + LVL! New monts LVL 32!...

Top 100 Metin 2 Private Server
Metin3 HQ New PvP Server!

Metin3 Private Server! Exp:300x, Drop:200x, Gold:400x, Max LVL:250, 7 Skill all characters! New Classes! New Races!! New sets of items and much more! FREE!!

Top 100 Metin 2 Private Server
Metin 3 Espanol

Metin3 Servidor Privado! Exp:300x, Drop:200x, Gold:400x, Lvl Max.:250, 7 Skills todos los personajes! Nuevas Clases! Nuevas Razas! Nuevos sets de items y mucho mas! GRATIS!

Top 100 Metin 2 Private Server

Este un metin romanesc. Lvl max 250. Iteme noi. Admini de treaba. Eventuri zilnici. FARA moduri. Hostat 24/24. Forum ON. Intra si tu ca sa fii printre cei mari. Cautam staff de exceptie.

Top 100 Metin 2 Private Server
Metin2Swat PVP

Rate Servar: * Yang: 800% * Yang x2: 800% * Drop: 800% * Exp: 800% Rate Fierar: * +1/+6=100% * +7=80% *+8=70% *+9=60% Leval Maxim: * 106

Top 100 Metin 2 Private Server
World of Metin2

Enjoy our mixture of classic gameplay with the most recent updates :: Multilanguage client :: 24x7 Support :: Daily Events :: Vote4Coins :: More than 800 players every day :: Join Now!

Top 100 Metin 2 Private Server